How To Conquer Fear – 100% Working Trick


It is unfortunate that 98.9% of people around the world go through this emotional state called fear for numerous reasons, but before we set the guidelines for overcoming the fear I’d like to take a glance of what fear really is. Fear is an unpleasant emotional trauma caused by the threat of danger, pain or harm or in other words, means the likelihood of something unwanted or unwelcomed happening.

I am going to give us a brief experience I had as a teenager, I grow up in a riverine area, where we had water almost everywhere but my fear for entering the water was so strong till I became a mockery among peers.

Whenever I’d look into the water I always imagine something but as time went on I came to the knowledge of being free from fear, I became aware of who I was and why I’d have to stop becoming more fearful.

And today it came to me when I heard a lot of people having issues with fear to write on my experience and how to conquer fear. A lot of individuals go about asking questions such as;

(a) Why do we fear?

(b) What can be done to overcome fear?

(c) How can those plans be executed to overcome fear?

And I am going to start first by saying that whatever we fear or are threatened against has a way of conquering our spiritually.

N/B: And it is important we note that whatsoever battle we don’t conquer n our mind can be conquered physically.

Why do we Fear?

We fear for so many reasons, many of the people I’ve counseled are always afraid because of inferiority-complex, always thinking others are better than them, which in other words discourage their pursuit in life and destiny. Is it true that we fear something more than others – snakes, spiders, and rats but this could be the result of conditioning more than programming? Perhaps we learn to fear spiders and snakes because they bite us and we fear rats because we are taught that they spread disease, a scientist who studies fear conditioning have noticed that it is easier to get humans to train to fear snakes and spiders than things like friendly dogs.

To answer this, Susann Mineka and Michael Owok at Northwestern University conducted a set of clever experiments with thesis monkeys that revealed that they connect more intricate than previously thought.

What can be done to Overcome Fear?

Going through fear is a process that anyone can easily adapt or learn, the fact is that a great number of persons in our world today cling and hold onto fear because it’s part of their makeup or part of who they are.

  • If you are not ready to face your fears each after the other you probably won’t transcend them, and there’s not a thing wrong with that because everything has its own time (with the reference from the Bible Ecclesiastes 3:10).
  • You can begin conquering your fears by being aware that your fears are not adding anything to your mental, physical, psychological and emotional growth but rather causing more havoc in your life, it easily attached itself to your thoughts and feelings concerning a particular thing, that you seem to believe they all exist.
  • You are never your fears, but you’re the awareness or mind that experiences it, there is a saying that goes this way “Knowledge is Power” that’s why having knowledge about the advantages and disadvantages of a particular thing or knowing that Negative and positive effect of that thing will help you and supply wisdom on how to go with that thing.
  • Identifying what exactly you’re afraid of. Look at the pictures you are conceiving about a thing in your mind, what is happening in them? What are you really scared of? Become an observant of your inner space of mind.
  • Curiosity: It won’t go any mile negative when investigating your fears. Just be curious about what your thoughts generate concerning your fears, where are you feeling the fear? And how do you react to it, control what goes on and in the mind?
  • Reactions: It is very crucial and important that we treat the way we react to things. Our reaction sometimes controls an action that’s about to take place after an event, practice.

How to Execute those plans Perfectly.

Moreover, a saying that “All things are possible to those that believe”, it all starts by believing in yourself. Hypnosis, with hypnosis you can program the right thoughts to flow into your mind and eliminate negative thoughts and beliefs, this doesn’t necessarily work for everyone but it might for you.

My junior brother used it to consistently evoke and enhance positive change in his life. But remember, this isn’t necessarily about getting off your fears, but learning to relate to them from a different angle.

Lastly, always be a man of gratitude, whenever you feel frightened; switch over to what you are always grateful for instead of the other way round. If you’re afraid of public speaking to be grateful for the opportunity to communicate with so many people and make new friends. They’ll say genuinely paying attention to what you’d have to say. Be ready to learn spiritual methods to conquer stress, anger, depression, fear and always be happy. BE AWARE!!!

A       –        Accept the Anxiety

W     –        Watch the anxiety (scale your level of fear)

A       –        Act normally

R       –        Repeat the above steps in your minds

E       –        Expect the best

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