Domestic Accident – Causes, Effects and how to Control


It is obvious that many of us have bee wondering how domestic accident occur and are seeing to know how to control domestic accidents as much as we can. Domestic accidents can be minimized to the bearest frequency of occurrence since we cannot say we can outrightly eliminate it or stop it. Having the basic knowledge of the causes and effects of domestic accidents are needed to control their occurrence.

Accidents can be said to be unwanted and unplanned events that occur at a point and places in time. Domestic on the other hand can be traced to or said to be related to the home or place of dwelling or residents. Domestic accidents can, therefore, be said to be accidents that occur at home or in and around our living places or houses.

How domestic accidents occur is a paramount question to answer because even though accidents are unplanned and unwanted. they are usually caused by someone or something. The causes and effects of domestic accidents are needful.

Major Causes of Domestic Accident.

Since accidents do not just happen but are caused by someone or something, it is needful to know how they may come about. Everything left without the proper care and anything done in an inappropriate manner may result in domestic accidents. Some of the major causes of Domestic  are listed below;

Carelessness: The most prominent factor of domestic accidents causation is the human factor and the most dominant reason is carelessness. Do you always take the pains to be detailed in the day to day running of your home? Do you see to it that everything is kept in its usual place and kept in the most appropriate way recommended by experts?

How domestic accidents occur is most of the time traceable to how careful we are in handling things at home and around the home environment. From the proper usage and filling of sharp objects to the adequate something of electrical appliances to the cleaning of spilled water and other fluids on the floor or rooftop. to the proper arrangement of the bedroom, sitting room, dining room, kitchen, garage and all these places and other things in them in order, you will be reducing domestic accidents to the least minimum.

Stress: Allowing a build-up of stress in you can lead you to unconsciously do a thing that leads to or trigger the domestic accident. Dropping that glass on the floor, cutting the vegetable mindlessly, and many more are some of the ways in which stress can lead to domestic accidents. Always ensure you stay unclustered in your mind.

Playfulness: Uncensored and careless playing around some dangerous zones in the house or home can lead to the occurrence of domestic accidents. Children are not supposed to be allowed to play with fire or electricity, sharp objects or with and in water as these are very dangerous playgrounds should be made in areas devoid of harmful items and parent should always try and supervise the younger children when they do play around the house.

Haste and Desperation: When things are done with desperation and in haste should be avoided as much as possible so as to minimize domestic accidents.

How to Control Domestic Accident.

After taking the time to know how domestic accidents occur, it is also important to know to avoid domestic accident occurrence. Causes and effects of domestic accidents have bee analyzed earlier, leaving us the task to know how to control domestic accidents. Thes measures and steps will help you minimize and control domestic accidents.

  1. Things should be done and kept diligently around the house and it’s surrounding always. Carefulness should be a watchword.
  2. Sharp and harmful objects and substances should be properly kept especially from the reach of children who knows little about the danger.
  3. Electrical Appliances shoud be mostly insulated, heat and fire sources put off immediately after use. General safety rules on these items should be observed.
  4. Used and no longer needed items should be properly discarded.
  5. Thought should be taken on the causes of domestic accidents and careful plans mad to prohibit their occurrences.

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