Effects of Bush Burning – Why you should Stop Bush Burning


After getting to know the many effects of bush burning, you will definitely see good reasons why you should stop bush burning around your environment. Bush burning is a very negative farming or farm practice whose disadvantages outweigh its advantage if there is any. Burning of bushes is condemnable, no matter which angle it is views from.

Burning of bushes for farming, building of houses, construction of roads, rails and others or for whatever reason it may be is bad. People however will still go ahead and engage in this dastard act for reason that cannot be short of being selfish. These elements of mischief would rather than take the right process of clearing, stumping and packing cleared grasses, herbs and shrubs to burning which they consider an easy way out.

Harmful Effects of Bush Burning.

They are many harmful effects of bush burning. Bush burning affects humans, micro organisms, the soil and even the environment and atmosphere. See the harmful effects of bush burning listed below;

The Environment: Bush burning affects the environment adversely as the process itself releases pollutants to the environment. Bush burning is an act that pollutes the environment, lead to release of green house grasses and so cause global warming. Reasons why you should stop bush burning as a practice everywhere in the world.

Destroying of Soil Organic Matter: The act of bush burning leads to the destruction of soil organic matter. Organic matter found in the soil that acids soil fertility and crop growth process are all destroyed in the process of burning of bushes. Their absence in the soil entails no or very poor germination, growth and yield of crops planted in such soil.

Depletes Soil Nutrients: Organic and inorganic nutrients found in the soil are out rightly sent out of existence or depleted to a very poor level when bush burning occurs. These soil nutrients are not designed to withstand the sort of temperature and heat that accompanies bush burning and so are burnt off and depleted in the process of bush burning.

Poor Decomposition of Manure: The soil micro organisms that are responsible for the breakdown or decomposition of organic matter of which manure is on of them are killed when bushes are burnt. The effect of this is the fact that when organic manure is applied, it cannot be decomposed to yield the absorbable nutrient that the soil should derived from it. This means that the application of manure or organic fertilizer on such soil is void and of no positive effect.

Terminates Many Terrestrial Life: Many animals that live around a bush that is being burnt, do die in the process. This act is responsible for the loss of many endangered species of animals, of all classifications. Many of such animals lay their eggs on or inside the soil, which also perish as a result of bush burning. When bushes are burnt, except very fast animals who can escape, which are most times then caught in traps while trying to escape, all others do die in the process.

Soil Erosion: One of the effects of bush burning is that it leads to soil erosion. A soil that is burnt is exposed to erosion even from agents such as wind, talk more of water. The soil is left bare after burning and therefore leaves it vulnerable to any soil erosion agent to sweep the top layer off and even result in formation of gullies.

Killing of Tree’s and Weed: As you burn a bush, you do not just burn only a certain plant or crop from the piece of lands but also burn all weeds, shrubs, and even trees. This is one of the leading causes of deforestation and a firm point why you should stop bush burning. The effects of deforestation are never wanted, so every activity leading to it should be much discouraged.

Desert Encroachment: For a country such as Nigeria, it is said that about 7% of its total land mass is lost annually to deserts. The effects of bush burning is seeing in this regard as arable and habitable and are last to deserts predominately due to bush burning.

Water Shortage in Soil and Low Moisture Content: All arable soil must have a certain amount of water in them and particular moisture content for it to grow various types of crops. Bush burning however lead to rapid aeration (loss of water) from the soil that results in a short fall of this required water and moisture content in the soil.

Bush burning has too many harmful effects, this is why you should stop bush burning today in your environment.

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