How Pets and Domestic Animals Affect Your Health – Interesting Facts


Many of us in the world today like keeping pets, without knowing and minding the effects. Pets and your health/how domestic animals affect your health is a guide you should follow to know the health effect of pets. Pets affect your health in many ways, positively and most definitely negatively.

Pets and your health is a necessary consideration to make so as to know the kind of pets you keep and how to keep them. Everything has a use and a misuse, and knowing how to use a thing effectively is needful, domestic animals and pets are very useful, but when not handled properly, your health may be in danger by their presence.

Different Animals People keep as Pet and Domestic Animals.

There are many different types of animals people keep as pets and domestic animals. They form a wide range from un-harmful easily tamed animals to very harmful unfriendly and hard to tame animals, domestic animals and pets found in many homes these days include the following;

  • Cat
  • Dog
  • Rabbit
  • Hen
  • Pig
  • Snake
  • Bird
  • Goat
  • Sheep, etc.

Keeping of these animals as pets are determined by the belief of the individuals who keep them and other personal considerations. No general rule, therefore, applies to anybody except on some geographical and religious settings as to the kind of or type of animal to keep as a domestic animal or as a pet.  Some issues to consider in keeping pets and domestic animals as regards your health include some of the following;

Positive Impacts of Pets and Domestic Animals.

As said earlier, there are positive impacts of everything, depending on how it is used. Pets and domestic animals have positive health benefits to those who keep them. Among many other benefits, the following are some benefits of keeping pets and domestic.

Exercise: Pests and other domestic animals can be a very good tool to maintaining or building good health by exercising, running after them and chasing them around the house or home is as much as an exercise as you can think of. Going around feeding them and tending after them, In general, is an exercising venture that can keep you healthy.

They keep you Happy: One of the main reason why people keep a pet is that they make them happy. Most pets and other domestic animals are a source of happiness or call it joy to the individual who keeps them. Happiness and happy people are twice more healthy and productive than unhappy people found in an unhappy environment.

Companionship: Relating with animals such as your pets and domestic animals tend to make you build companionship with them. Companionship is one of the criteria for a happy and healthy lifestyle. So having friends in animals as pets are better than being friendless and lonely.

They Help to Reduce Stress: Pets and our health can be seeing a positive light when it comes to stress relieve. Pets and domestic animals do have a way of helping you relieve build up stress from activities that might have presumed you in the course of your work and so on.

Negative Health Effects of Pets and Domestic Animals on Your Health.

Benefits of pets and domestic animals had been outlined above, but the negative effects of them must be talked about too. Some of the negative health effects of pets and domestic animals are listed below;

Pollution: Hairs firs feather, urine, feces, and others from pets and domestic animals constitutes pollutants. They pollute the air, water, and land in environments where they are found. If not properly handled, these can be a great source of health hazard.

Breeding Place for Micro and Macro Organisms: The body of your pets and domestic animals, their food and water, urine and feces are a potential breeding ground for microorganisms like lice and others. These organisms are dangerous to health.

They can Spread Disease: Your pets and domestic animals are agents that can spread diseased, especially communicable once.

Your pets and your health relationship is directional, know how to maintain it.

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