How Microorganisms Affect Your Health – Interesting Facts


How Microorganisms Affect Your Health.

How often do you consider the relationship between microorganisms and your health and also seek to find out how microorganisms affect your health, do you really know that many health issues are caused by the interaction of microorganisms and man, or you have no idea that microorganisms do affect your health?

Whatever the answer to the above-asked questions may be, you need to know the relationship between microorganisms and your health and also know how microorganisms affect your health. without this knowledge, living a healthy life may be very elusive and costly. Ignorance of the effects of microorganisms on your health will cost you a fortune of both health and wealth.

What are Microorganisms?

Microorganisms are very tiny or small living organisms that are too small t be seen with our naked eyes. Microorganisms can be seen only when viewed with a microscope or other powerful magnifying glasses or lens. Microorganisms are in their thousands and millions everywhere in the globe and come in various classes and types depending on how you may want to classify them.

Microorganisms can be classified as being economically beneficial or harmful. Economically beneficial microorganisms are those whose activities do have a positive impact on the economy as they contribute to the wealth of an individual. These microorganisms include soil organisms that help in the farming process such as decomposition, fertilization, the ripening of fruits and so on.

On the contrary, some microorganisms are said to be harmful as they can cause diseases and many health challenges. These microorganisms cause sicknesses such as cholera, diarrhea, dysentery and many other diseases. These diseases are very deadly and life threatening and except prevented, can cost a huge amount of money to treat.

How Microorganisms Breed and Spread Around you.

Knowing how microorganisms affect your health implies also knowing how they breed and are spread from one place to another. This knowledge helps you guard against unconsciously making your home and environment a den of microorganisms breed and spread areas such as;

  • Hair
  • Mouth
  • Teeth
  • Tongue
  • Dirty plates and dishes
  • Home
  • Pets
  • Stagnant Water
  • Refrigerator
  • Armpit
  • Food and Drinks
  • Food storage cupboard, etc.

Microorganisms are spread by you, yourself as you come in contact with them and move from one place to another. Flies and other insects around your home and environment are the carriers and spreading agents of microorganisms. Pets and domestic animals are some other agents that breed and spread microorganisms.

Effects of Microorganisms on Your Health.

How microorganisms affect your health is the question we all have been asking ourselves. The answer to this question is given just below. Microorganisms cause the following health problems or challenges and more;

Cholera: The disease, cholera is one that is mostly caused by microorganisms (bacteria) called Vibro Cholera. This bacteria is generated by insects like flies and deposited in food and insects that you consume when consumed, these microorganisms lead to the condition called cholera, which is a very deadly and dreadful disease whose outbreak is terrible and highly communicable.

Diarrhea: Diarrhea and dysentery is another very life threatening disease that is caused by microorganisms. Diarrhea occurs when as a result of these microorganisms in your body, you experience frequent and watery stooling. It leads to rapid dehydration and weight loss.

Vomiting: Vomiting is a sickness caused by still a certain form of microorganisms called bacteria.

Viral Infections: Viruses are a form or type of microorganisms that also causes forms and types of sicknesses like cough, viral hemorrhagic fever,  malaria, cold and the flu, bronchitis and many others.

All virus and bacterial infections or diseases are caused by microorganisms and your health is affected by them. These and many more are how microorganisms affect your health. Please avoid them as much as you can.

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