How To Be Optimistic – Few Steps to Being Optimistic


Generally, a lot of people lack this important virtue such as optimism. In our world, today confidence is wearing away in the minds of both sexes. A lot of people ask questions about being optimistic, they say why are optimism necessary and how can they be optimistic. Being a more optimistic individual is more than just confidence, one thing is certain, behind every successful man, there’s a secret or principles guiding and enhancing his success.

Now, let’s take a look at why optimistic is important in the lives of individuals, optimism is what helps us deal disappointments. It’s what triggers us to learn from mistakes rather than fuel defeated by them.

Optimism helps us configure our minds towards becoming happier, it also makes us more confident about a subject matter, it helps us believe in ourselves and our ability to bring about a solution.

Case Study.

The 2006 St. Louis cardinals, the talented athletes were already great at the mechanics of pitching, bathing and fielding, we can see that they needed to learn how to sit goals, focus on their priorities, stay positive, be disciplined and win. They needed to learn how to inculcate optimism and confidence. That alone is a testimony to the fact that optimism is far bigger than being just more confident, it is definitely learned.

It is crucial that there is no better alternative to being optimistic, pessimism is the opposite and doesn’t add any benefit over optimism, but optimism helps us to see and realize new opportunities, aspiration and also learn from different situations, both directly or indirectly. When I was in high school I was though that one of the essential characteristic of every living creature is growth, and optimism enhances movement and growth.

How every let’s take a further look on how we can be optimistic. Critical evaluation of situations and events helps us to be more careful about pessimism and target the laser towards it. Being optimistic or pessimistic goes much more towards affecting our attitude and ever our health. Every one or life has its ups and downs, but having an optimistic outlook or countenance about life. It also has a significant effect positively on the quality of life, such as mental and physical wellbeing. Optimism is a key component in overcoming or managing stress, sometimes people think optimism means ignoring or avoiding the hard or challenging aspect of a thing in life. No, it means changing the technique used in approaching the, it is difficult to re-orient your perspective in life if you are pessimistic.

These are few steps to being Optimistic.

a) Embracing your Emotions and Gaining Mastery: Tune your mind into the full large of emotions in tour life, getting attained by the negative and positive aspects of life is natural and part of human experience, optimism doesn’t guarantee your happiness all the time, trying to force feelings of happiness all the time, trying to force feelings of happiness during potential experiences caused by emotional trauma can be unhealthy.

b) Focusing not anyone type of emotions than the other can actually help become more adaptive and proactive in future unexpected situations, this enhances resilience in the face of uncertainty. Always avoiding blaming yourself for negative emotions and associations could be more helpful towards being optimistic. Blame is one of the fruitless that doesn’t forward your growth, but rather looks backward what has already happened.

c) Mindful Practice: Mindfulness is one of the keys to optimism because encouraging your focus on acknowledging your emotions in the moment without dodging them helps beings optimistic. Reactions arise negatively when we try struggling against our feelings or when we allow ourselves to become blinded by emotions, pessimism set in when we forget to respond towards being optimistic. Learning from our emotions rather than denying them can help your become comfortable with yourself, which is important to overcoming negative emotions that’s influenced by traumatic experiences or thought.

Mindfulness has been shown in many studies and it helps with feelings of anxiety and depression.

d) Write and Feed yourself with Daily Positive Inspiration and Affirmations: Putting down short inspirational quotes and statement can enhance our mind and help it believe in the potentiality of an action we want to accomplish, jotting down a few affirmations that reminds you of what you’re trying to change about the way you see the world.

Here are some perfect examples of positive affirmations.

  • Anything is possible to whom that believes
  • My circumstances do not create me, I create my circumstances
  • There’s always a choice

Lately, I discover it is important that we need to be in agreement with everything we need to do.

e) Avoid Comparing to other or Avoid Competitive Worries: It’s actually easy to be full of envy, but this often lead to purely negative thinking “they are more rich than I am”, remember there’s always someone who is worse. Studies suggest that complaining about one’s problem may be linked to depression.

Practicing gratitude in daily life can be a great way to get out of the cycle of negative comparisons, focusing on this positive element in your life can be dramatic and drastic in increasing your mood and feelings of well-being.

f) Realize that Optimism is a Virtue or a Cycle: Furthermore, as you engage in cultivating positive thinking and actions, the cycle will be much more, and it will help maintain the trend of optimism in your daily life.


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