Potential Micro Organism Breeding Places


Have you every considered the fact that all bacteria and viral infections are caused by micro organisms? This is why you need to know the potential micro organisms breeding places, and also know how micro organisms breed and spread around you so as to avoid their breading and spread where you are as much as possible.

The effects of micro organisms are tremendous on both individual family, communal and societal health as out breaks of diseases such as cholera can affect from an individual to a whole country and other across countries and continents. This is why viral and bacteria disease outbreaks are always of both national and international interest.

Airborne, waterborne and other diseases or sicknesses contacted from one person to another or from animals and even things from the environment are mostly diseases caused by one micro organisms or the other. For this reason, knowing how micro organisms breed and spread around you is all important.

Ways in Which Micro Organisms Breed and Spread.

Potential micro organisms breading places are found everywhere in your environment and around you. Some are even within you and are therefore under your control. Though very numerous the most common ones include the following:

Your Body: You might not have known, but your body is a high potential micro organisms breeding place that can affect your entire health. Your hair, both those on the head your head, your armpit, and your pubic and private parts are places where micro organisms can breed and spread from. Your mouth, tongue and intestine are also breeding grounds for micro organisms that are found in your body.

Some of these micro organisms found in your body are actually beneficial as they aid biological processes such as digestion and excretion. Yet, they must be in the right position or amount in the body when they exceed their needed amount, then become a problem and constitute health challenges. Proper washing of the body, shaving of hair, brushing and washing of the teeth and tongue is needed to keep them at bay on the outside of the body. Regular rewarming and health check up is needed to keep those within in their proper balance.

Your Kitchen: Your kitchen environment is one of the places where the majority of disease causing germs and micro organisms are found. It should not surprise you though that this is a pretty reality, cause as much as you may want to disbelieve, much more it is a fact. Let us check through your kitchen so you can see how it is a potential micro organisms breeding place(s).

Is your kitchen sink always clean? If no, then know that micro organisms breed on the dirty dishes found there. Your kitchen cupboard where you store uncooked foods and condiments is a place where micro organisms live and bread.

They fruits and vegetables in your kitchen store or refrigerator are all places where micro organisms live and breed. Half eaten food, fruits and vegetables not properly covered are maybe the best place to breed micro organisms. These and many more are ways your kitchen can be used to breed and spread micro organisms. So, try and clean up your kitchen to avoid it being your gateway to the hospital.

Your Bathroom and Rest Room: Potential micro organisms breeding places include your bathroom and toilet or call it rest room. Any stagnant water, unflushed toilet and dirty water kept in those places are just the right places for micro organisms to breed perfectly. Please keep those areas always clean and sanitized if you are to stay healthy and of course wealthy always, because health is wealth.

Your Environment: Do you have dust bin and water collection baskets around you that are not regularly emptied? Are the gutters around you clean always and is stagnant water found in them or any other place around your home. School, workplace or church? If you are not sure of these answers, please start working on keeping your environment clean, clear, dry and sanitized.

Your Pets: The pets you keep around you can constitutes breeding place for micro organisms. Their hair, feathers and others are some of those place places where micro organisms can bread and spread to you.

The agents that spread micro organisms are insects like flies around your home, your pets, you yourself and others around you. I know you can now know how micro organisms breed and spread around you and how to control them so as to live a healthy life.

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