Road Accident – Causes and how to Control Road Accidents


Efforts have been made and are still in top geat towards eliminating road accidents, and these efforts will yield results better when we know how road accidents are caused. Since it is agreed and a fact that 90% of road crashes are caused, knowing and avoiding these factors that lead to crashes is important. Road accident is a plaque that everyone must stand up against by doing what is right to avoid it.

Individuals, groups, institutions, societies, and government as a whole are looking forward towards eliminating road accidents, and if eliminating it is not possible, then reducing to its bearest frequency of occurrence is the goal we should set. The reasons for this hard fight against the scourge of road accidents is not far fetched. Statistics of the loss of lives, properties and wealth caused by road accident is terrifying all around the world today, especially in developing countries.

Road crashes around the globe of left unchecked can reduce the world’s population in a year by about 30%. Indices and figures of deaths by road accident cannot be reckoned with without a pain in the heart. Almost everyone in the world aged 18 and above cam recount a loss of a family member, friend, colleague or mate and others to a road accident.

Causes of Road Accident.

How road accidents are caused is the first step to know when trying to eliminate road accidents. They very many causes of road accidents are summarized into three broad categories which are listed below;

Human: Human factors that cause road accidents are very numerous. Every activity that is not mechanical or environmental can cause or lead to road crashes are human. They include the following;

  • Drink driving
  • Underage driving
  • Driving and using the cell phone
  • Violating traffic rules, regulation and road signs
  • Driving while being emotionally, mentally or physically unstable
  • DrivingDriving without permits and license
  • Driving with poor eyesight or vision
  • Driving unworthy vehicles and spare parts
  • Overspeeding
  • Driving of overloaded vehicles
  • Driving and bye-passing road traffic workers and signs
  • Using a vehicle outside or beyond ways recommended and many others.

Such activities that are human incline are all human causes of road accidents.

Mechanical Issues: Things that contribute to mechanical causes of road accidents are things that arise from vehicle design, functions, and malfunctions. They include, but are limited to the following;

  • Engine failure of all kinds
  • Wear and tear of tires
  • Brake and clutch failure
  • Car overheating
  • Wiper failure
  • Wrong setting and signal transmission of man and side mirror
  • Gears and malfunction
  • Electrical faults developed u the car
  • Battery problems
  • Inability of horn to produce sounds
  • Failure or malfunction of lights such as headlight, brake light, trafficator, and others

Everything that arises from the malfunction or failure o any of the units and system in the vehicle as a whole or in part is grouped into mechanical cases of road accident.

Environment: Environmental factors are the third (in no particular order) of the causes of road accidents. Items considered here include bad roads, poor or bad road terrains, poor or bad weather conditions like snow, haze, mist, rain, and others, potholes on roads, bad road network and linkages, trees falling on roads or animals crossing unexpectedly, winding or bending corners on roads, deep elevations and depression on road, flooding of the road and many more.

How to Control and Minimize Road Accident.

Our goal is to control or if possible eliminate rad accidents in the nearest future, the following information listed below will guide you on how to control road accidents around you.

  1. Avoid all human causes of road accidents as this is the only way you can control road crashes. if all road users stick to the part of discipline in doing what is right, road accidents will be almost forgotten or never occur.
  2. Ensure that you regularly check up your vehicle for possible signs of failure or malfunction of or in any part, unit or system. With proper vehicle maintenance, mechanical issues can be grossly reduced if not eliminated.
  3. All road users should be mindful of environmental factors challenging them and adopt best measures to cope. Man is measures of all things and has the ability to control all situations.
  4. Government policies and agencies responsible for road traffic should be proactive with laws, rules and regulations and enforcement and also punishing of road traffic defaulters of any kind.

You and I can stop road accidents, it begins with our decision and commitment to do so.

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